Worship and Ingathering


Ingathering was at Burruss Hall this year, and a tradition was brought back that had been dropped in 2000 and 2001: namely to greet each other in a constantly moving ring in the shape of a U, as in "UU". The theme and worship speakers in the week gave us a series of talks on what blessings mean to them, including the blessings of SUUSI. One of them was Michael Tino, above, giving a presentation on "The Blessing of Space". One of the worship services gave us the closest thing we had to La Bamba - long lines of dancers dancing to "Let it be a dance" by Eric Maston. This hymn was also played on Thursday morning, but it was abruptly halted by a fire alarm in the building. We didn't give up. We finished the service outside, including finishing singing "Let it be a dance".

And thus it is. Let it be a dance every year in late July, when we attend SUUSI.

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