Dancing at SUUSI

To me dancing is one of the highlights of SUUSI. SUUSI offers plenty of dancing. You can dance until 1 each night at SUUSI (except 2 on Friday) at Serendipity, where serendipitous things do indeed happen. One thing that I missed this year was "La Bamba", which gave everyone an excuse to dance 15 minutes to the tune "La Bamba", alternating between free-form no-partner dancing and long, twisting conga lines. But there was other dancing to make up for it.

Contra Dancing was back this year, and it was unusual this time, in that the caller seemed to allow us to guess the next move. That made it interesting, but hard to follow. There was also more square dancing than usual. Square dancing is fun, but you dance with only four partners in that; with contra dancing you dance with everyone in your set.

The most interesting dancing was the Folk Dancing led by 84-year-old Lily McEachern on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We learned dances from many different cultures, including Hebrew, Serbian, Italian, and Greek. Although attended by only a few, this dancing was more varied than most of the other dancing at SUUSI, and the leader danced well for her 84 years. She did fall on the last day, and I hope she is OK now. But I will always remember her dancing class at SUUSI.

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