I have been recording dreams regularly since late 1991. During that time I have recorded 3,500 dreams including 23 lucid dreams and many other vivid dreams that resemble stories. I have been a member of three dream groups including one I started myself. Here are four examples of my dreams, including an interesting one on the eve of a possible war with Iraq:

The Pope's Plane, 2003 March 16

I am standing in a field with some people, surrounded by a forest. It is daytime. I hear that there is an important plane coming soon, but we continue with our festivities. It starts coming from the right. It is a military fighter plane, and it swoops over the field. I hear now that this plane contains the Pope. It tries to leave to the left over the field, and it starts to head upward, but then it heads downward and crashes after leaving the field.

Persona Mirror, 1994 October 9

I was looking at a bunch of machines. One of these was quite interesting. It was a mirror. But instead of just reflecting your own image back, it reflects back a 4x4 array of images, supposedly representing different facets of yourself. The entire device was four feet square. So this was not just an ordinary set of mirrors. they reflected parts of your own personality. I looked at one after waiting patiently for my turn. I saw the sixteen faces. They mostly look like me but there were some differences. The one I noticed most was at position 4,2. It was a 30-year-old redhead woman with long hair and some freckles.

The inventor of this Persona Mirror said that each time you look at it a different set of faces shows up. This mirror was part of a Trade Show. There was a trip to somewhere else I was going to go on. It was to a series of demos. There were two sessions. I tried to make it to the first one but I could not. The weather outside looked kind of gloomy. It was partly cloudy, but thunderheads were threatening, and I could see rain falling from the clouds, but no thunder or lightning. I walked around, and looked at some stuff, including the Persona Mirror. I was in a corridor.

I went to the bathroom. I came out. I was worried by the paucity of people waiting for the second trip. Is this where we wait? Where is everybody? The people there said this is the trip. Then with five minutes to go, a huge herd of people emerged from elevators and stairs to the right and walked to the waiting area for the trip. I wondered where all these varmints came from. It made me wonder whether I could make this one.

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, 1991 December 28

I overheard from some people that there was going to be a procession of lights in the sky; planes or something. We tried to call nearby relatives that were long-distance by phone. But we kept getting da-da-da, no such number messages when we call direct, and calling the operator yielded no answer or an answering machine. I scrambled to get dressed go to out, but I kept getting interrupted. Finally I went out. I remember looking in a national science magazine. I saw announcements of movies. Only movies; no specific theaters or times, and only science-related movies.

The scene was mid-to-late sunset. It was in a park, a wayside near a road. There was a slight rise away from the road on the right, and a huge dropoff from there. The rise itself had a peak on the right side with back to road. I looked in the sky. I thought it was a bright sky at first, but there were too many stars, and they were moving. Lots of scattered ones, but the central part was in perfect square formation, very closely packed, flying three by ten. But as they passed overhead and went on down to the 2 o'clock position, they increased in number until they became ten by seventy. The scattered lights increased, too.

There Could Be Another Game, 1997 April 11

I see a TV screen on the ceiling with a basketball game playing on it

I hear the announcer saying that one team has just got up and scored two points. This caused a big cheer from the audience. Then somehow I wind up at the game itself.

I go by a sign near the entrance that says

If it is near the end of the game be sure to watch the boards around here before you leave.
There could be another game.

I see someone scrawl underneath in black - another game will be played.

Shooting the Ringleader, 1994 January 28

I was at a restaurant consisting of a single aisle and booths on each side. It was in a desert area and the whole scene looked nostalgic. The roads were dirt roads, although there was a traffic light in the center of town, and the landscape was brick red and barren.

I was talking with some people about some stuff, mainly about the memories and stories of this forsaken area of the world. These people included the people at the seats and the proprietor.

Soon after this, we went in a car and traveled down a dirt road to another destination. The car was a 50's style red or pink car, maybe a Nash or Cadillac or something. While we were traveling, I got the feeling that some of these stories might be real; in fact, that we may be pursued by a group of bandits.

Sure enough, at a junction, a big vehicle came up and robbers came out and hijacked us. The vehicle they were in was very tall and black, and looked like something out of a bad science fiction flick. The people in the vehicle came out and ordered us out at gunpoint or something. But we did nothing. They then came to our car and occupied it, moving around and in it, and taking over the driver's seat. Then we went off in the road together, the strange vehicle and our car driven by one of the hijackers.

We came back to the same town that we left. Before I got there I had a sense that a bigger threat was coming. I had heard that there was another, larger ring of thugs in the area led by a ringleader. This ringleader, a white man, usually wore a black suit and blue tie, and was fairly tall, with a smooth, blow-dried hairdo of mostly black hair with some graying. The rumor has it that he was wanting to take over this land.

As we got back to the town we had left, my worst fears were realized. A huge gang of these thugs came from a side road and pointed guns at all of us, my party and the hijackers. I looked at the other vehicle and I saw a whole bunch of people come out and walk away from me with their hands up. I was temporarily safe, since they were going in the black vehicle, but knew they would get to us eventually. I began wondering what to do, and looked all around.

I saw a huge branch on the ground. I thought I could pick it up and do something with it. But when I thought about getting it, some hoodlum got out and picked it up instead.

I continued to look around and turned around in the car. When I looked back this way, towards the traffic light, there was a building just beyond it on the right, and I saw the ringleader come out and walk confidently outside the building on the street side. I finally took matters into my own hands. I took out a gun of some sort, probably a ray gun, and shot the ringleader four times through the same spot in his head between the eyes. When the shots struck his head, they produced a brilliant blue-white spark. The ringleader stood upright for three seconds, then he fell back like a statue. Either I shot all over the place or some of my shots hit other things as well. But it was evident that I shot the traffic light as well. I saw it sitting askew (it was one of these four-direction twelve-light models) and with several lights broken and some of its machinery hanging out.

The whole scene went into chaos with people running around aimlessly, then it dissolved altogether and I found myself back in the restaurant again talking about a close call.

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