By Jim Blowers

Once upon a time in a beautiful garden there was a fountain. He was a happy fountain, spouting his shoots of waters in contentment and was an attractive sight. Mother Dar the Creator had provided it well. But it was lonely. There were no other creatures around to appreciate its beauty.

One day a tribe of people arrived. There were hundreds of them. When they saw the fountain they appreciated its beauty. They loved the founts of water spreading out like a flower in their midst. They liked the water so much that they hopped in it. The cool water felt good on them and they enjoyed standing under the tall founts. The fountain enjoyed these people and responded with even greater founts.

This angered Mother Dar, who felt jealous that these people could provide happiness to the fountain that the Great Mother couldn't. The Word of the Great Mother Dar came out. Do not go into the fountain and enjoy its waters. There are little beings in there that will make you sick. So the people did not go to the fountain.

This made the fountain sad. The people would not wade in it much any more. The fountain felt lonely again. But it wasn't lonely long. The people ignored the great command and began to play in the fountain again. Once again the fountain was happy as it provided soothing shoots of waters to the community.

This angered Mother Dar again. It wasn't that she did not love her fountain. She was jealous of the attention paid to it by the people and afraid that the little beings in the fountain's waters would make the people sick. To protect the people, Mother Dar built a great fence around the fountain. Now no people could jump in the fountain and enjoy its waters. People left the fountain, and once again it felt lonely.

The fountain became sad and it did not shoot its water as high. The great shoots of water were gone and the fountain's flow dwindled to a trickle. The fountain was sick and dying. The people noticed the condition of the fountain and a great throng of them surrounded it just outside the fence. They shouted and danced and demanded that Mother Dar remove the fence and allow people to enjoy the fountain again. After a while, some of the people started smashing the fence apart.

Just then there was a loud crack of thunder. A looming presence emerged and said, "You are breaking my fence. Go away or I will destroy all of you!"

The people's leader said, "We just want to use your fountain. It cools us off on these hot summer days. We come from a place called Notsob, where opposite our palace there is a great park with a fountain. There is a pool around this fountain and we wade and jump in this fountain and enjoy its waters. We were hoping to do the same here. But you want to lock up the fountain. See, the poor fountain is dying."

Mother Dar said, "If you people go in the fountain, little beings will make you sick."

The leader said, "Where we come from, we put an essence of a certain green leaf in the fountain. This kills all the little beings. The fountain is safe for us to play in. Can't we do the same here?" He held up a green leaf. The leaf sprang out of his hand, fell in the fountain and dissolved in it.

Another of the people added, "We feel that you really don't want us to go in the fountain because you feal jealous of it. The fountain is your creation. Don't you feel proud of it? Don't you want people to marvel at it and jump in it and enjoy its cooling, soothing waters? We celebrate your greatness, Mother Dar, when we play in your creation."

Mother Dar thought a minute. There was silence. Then she said, "You're right! What use is the fountain to me unless others admire my creation?"

A big wind kicked up and blew across the field. Then the fence vanished in a puff of smoke. The fountain was open again. The people returned to it. The fountain became healthier and happier and he shot forth powerful founts that spread all over the place and were awesome to see. And the people and the fountain lived happily ever after.

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