Music at SUUSI

There was music at SUUSI; lots of it. Concerts played each night, and Cabaret served up a mix of performers of all different sorts, featuring artists such as Amy Carol Webb, Steve Greenburg (the MC), and Peter Mayer of SUUSI (to be distinguished from Peter Mayer of Buffet, a different singer). Unfortunately, my schedule did not permit me to see Peter Mayer in concert (I was contra-dancing at the time). However I did take a song-writing course from him. I found out from him that songs are metaphors for life; to write a song, choose a metaphor and write words for it. Then fit the music for it. As an example, Peter played "Over the Rainbow" as a country waltz, as a rock number, as a jazz piece, and even as a 5/4 number, with five beats to a measure. As homework he had us all write songs. I started a couple of songs, but neither are complete. The main one is about a man running from a flood running into a woman fleeing a fire coming together under a rainbow that is in between. The song is not finished yet, but here is a sample of lyrics from the song, to be called Dancing Under the Rainbow:

Let's enjoy the big steps and fast swinging
As there isn't much time for the ling'ring
For we have a brief moment of eternity
So let's dance and enjoy our serenity,

We discussed our musical experiences and it made for an entertaining workshop. During SUUSI, I bought two of Peter Mayer of SUUSI's albums and played them. My favorites are Yukon Sally, Dancing Song, The American Dream, and Beans.

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