Weaving Paper Polyhedra

Weaving paper polyhedra is a little-known art that produces beautiful solids or objects out of specially cut strips of construction paper by weaving them together. The solids hold together without any glue, tape, or paper clips, although clips may be used while building the solid to hold it together. They are attractive anywhere, and make great Christmas ornaments; the bigger ones can top your tree. I give a workshop on making the models every year to the Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI).

If you would like to find out how to make these models, one way is to click on the captions. Some of them are hyperlinks and clicking on them leads to instructions by word and to the patterns for making them. It is better to learn from someone in person, so consider attending my workshop at SUUSI. This requires going to SUUSI, which is a great experience - try it some time. If you can't get to SUUSI and would like to find out how to make these solids, and live within driving distance of Richmond, Virginia, and have a large enough group, I may consider giving the workshop elsewhere.

Here are some of the solids that can be produced:



Solid Octagon



Jim Blowers

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