SUUSI 2012

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The Rabbit Hole
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Our SUUSI wanderer got home OK in 2012, and in 2012 he came back to see if he can find La Bamba and the TWOB Cow again. He followed the path down the SUUSI way when once again the White Rabbit came out of nowhere. "Going to SUUSI?", he said.

"Yes", replied our Wanderer.

"Sorry I have to break the news. There is no more La Bamba that can be found anywhere at SUUSI any more. I don't know where it went. But I do have info on the TWOB Cow! Look!" and he showed our Wanderer a small sheet of paper.

It read:

Twobby Cow and Two-B Cow
Went out one day to play.
Along came a large black swan,
That scared the cows away.

"It looks like the TWOB Cow has a twin sister", said our Wanderer.

"That is correct", said the Rabbit. "Twobby Cow has a twin named Two-B, as in 'To be or not to be...'. Maybe you can find her. Actually, both cows are on the loose and nobody has seen them in a while, ever since that large black thing or swan or whatever it is swooped from the heavens, made them dark, and scared them away. You need to find them and get them back to SUUSI."

"But how?", said the Wanderer.

"I really don't know", said the Rabbit, who scampered back down his hole. "Now this is a real mystery", said our Wanderer. He sought to find them anyway, so he rode on the Sixty Road (you know, 360, 60, 460 and all those roads) to get to SUUSI. When he got there, he went immediately to Ingathering...