SUUSI 2003

Simple Gifts beyond the
Orange Shoe Gate


 Just One
Day Lily

& Polyhedra

This year's SUUSI had the theme of "Simple Gifts". The emblem was a daisy, so I had said prior to this SUUSI that it may all boil down to one daisy on the Virginia Tech green. Indeed that is what it did, but it was a day lily instead, in the duck pond area. The activities may be varied and complex, and include nature trips, workshops on singing, drawing and NLP, ingathering and closing circle, and nightlife, but the mood that it arose in us can be symbolized by this day lily, growing peacefully near the ducks. I also found out that you enter a gate to go to SUUSI. This gate is at the entrance to Payne Quad between Payne and Paddrew-Yates halls, while walking from Dietrich. It has two posts, with an orange on one side, and a pair of shoes on the other, seeming to say, "Orange Shoe going to SUUSI this year?" So go through the Orange Shoe Gate and find out all about SUUSI 2003, and remember there is another SUUSI next year. Orange Shoe going to SUUSI in 2004?

Jim Blowers