Rainbow at Ingathering

of SUUSI 2005

This year's SUUSI started out with a treat I have never seen before at SUUSI: a rainbow at Ingathering. As we walked to Ingathering, it started to pour rain. There were blue sky and threatening clouds all over the sky, and by the time we entered Burruss, we had to put up our umbrellas. But it quit by the time we got to Burruss, and a rainbow greeted us there: the picture shows the Ingathering walking and dancing under the rainbow, recalling a song I wrote at SUUSI 2002.

Yes, this SUUSI mimics other SUUSIs, and so some of these pictures will be from other SUUSIs. It is the SUUSI of all SUUSIs, the one that contains all SUUSIs under the Ingathering rainbow. Click on the above squares for the various colors of this year's SUUSI.