SUUSI 2009: The Fire SUUSI

Rekindle the Flame Within.

Don't just rekindle it. SET IT ON FIRE!



(with video)

Dinner and
other thunder

(with video)



Teens Way
off Broadway


SUUSI 2009: The Fire SUUSI! The theme is Rekindle the Flame Within. I rekindled my flame at this SUUSI; in fact I went beyond that and set it on fire, and found out that you have to be careful playing with fire. Tuesday especially was heavy with strenuous activities and I suffered from it on Wednesday. But I picked up the flame on Thursday and carried it for the rest of SUUSI. Indeed, I rekindled the flame within.

It is now 2010 January 17, the beginning of the week 2010 January 17-23, which is the week directly opposite SUUSI in the calendar. I will set this page up day by day, describing Sunday's activities on Sunday, Monday's on Monday, and so forth . After that date, click on the appropriate candle to find out what happened on that day.