SUUSI 2014

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Once again, it was July. SUUSI time. So our Wanderer went down the Sixty Path (Routes 60, 360, 460, etc.) again to go to SUUSI. But when he got there, he encountered a frantic White Rabbit. He jumped up and down several times with his watch in his hand and said, "Don't go to SUUSI this year!!"

"Why not", our Wanderer replied.

"Because the Black Swan is piping mad! His lair got destroyed last year, and he is really p*ed off about that. All kinds of bad things could happen at this SUUSI."

"Like what", our Wanderer said.

"Like big storms! Also he could obstruct you from getting to and around SUUSI. The TWOB Cow has fled. And now they can't even find the Silver Chalice that is the symbol of SUUSI. It doesn't look good at SUUSI this year. That's why you missed Closing Circle last year and why you had to leave in a storm."

"But I got Lady Luck on my side", said the Wanderer.

"Well yes, if you get her charms, maybe that will appease or scare off the Black Swan. But it is not as good this year. Do you want to proceed?"

"Heck, Yes! I want to enjoy SUUSI.", said the Wanderer.

And so he proceeded. But as he got onto the Sixty Road, a Friend sent him messages saying there's a traffic jam ahead. Our Wanderer drove a different route and hit traffic jams anyway, and eventually got to SUUSI an hour late. "So that's what he's talking about. Well, I need to ward him off. After all, if I can make it here at this SUUSI, I can make it at any SUUSI, he thought, even though SUUSI is nowhere near New York City.

So finally he got there and went to the Ingathering. He needed to go to Serendipity and dance with Lady Luck.