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Jim Blowers

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New: Periodic Presidents. I have put together all of my Periodic Presidents blogs into one page, in the bottom row of my mirror. See the Presidents in a table like chemical elements, and also why our next President could be one of our nation's greatest. (2004 December 5)

Two Blogs! I now have two blogs. Because one blog is not enough to express all that I have to say. Anecdotal things, interesting information, science, literature, and music blogs will appear in Blogtrek, my original blog. Those that express political issues or opinions of things will go into Beyond Opinion. So a report on the number of fireflies around here would be in Blogtrek, while a critique of Bush's handling of the Kyoto Accords would go into Beyond Opinion.

In addition, there are all the other things that go into my webpage, such as weather, mathematics, Unitarian Universalism and so forth.

What is a Persona Mirror? It appeared in a dream that I had on 1994 October 9. You look into it and see yourself reflected. But this mirror is divided into 16 squares in a 4x4 pattern, and each one reflects a different part of your personality. Every time you look at it, the faces appear slightly different. Read more about the Persona Mirror by clicking on the Dreams square.

So I designed my Web site around the Persona Mirror. Each square represents a different facet of my life. The eclipse stands for astronomy, the speaker means Toastmasters, the silver chalice is for Unitarian Universalism (including SUUSI and SWIM), there's one for my musical interests and so forth. Most of these squares are clickable, so go ahead and click on one of them and find out about a facet of my life.

Note that I left the 4,2 square blank. This may hold the ultimate mystery - the meaning of life. As the robot said in "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the meaning of life is 42.

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