SUUSI 2011

SUUSI in Wonderland

The Rabbit Hole
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A not so long time ago, the SUUSI Wanderer, like the young man, went west. He went west on the sixties, ways that end with 60 such as 360, 460, and 60. Just before he crossed the Blue Ridge, he hit a warp and wound up in SUUSI Wonderland, a strange world inhabited by creatures such as flamingoes, skeet, hugs, and the TWOB Cow. He stopped at a place and found a paper lying on a table. He picked it up. "This looks so strange! Something called SUUSI, that provides eternal joy." This is what he read:


'Twas SUUSI, and the slinky dancers,
did gyre and gimble in the Muse.
All sparky were the fire doves
And the current SUUSI NUUS.

Beware La Bamba, oh my son!
The hands that grab, the lines that wind
The drums that throb, the special boy,
The dreams of long ago.

Colliding worlds, stars shining free
Ran 500 miles a long way out
So rested he by SUUSI tree
and stood a while in thought.

And in a uuish thought he stood,
Not La Bamba but a cup of flame.
He charged through the Blidgey Wood
The totem he did name.

One Two! Boom, sparkle! Despite the storm
Rockets soared above the dorm
He ran straight down the Musey Way
La Bamb' would come this very day.

And hast thou seen a good La Bamba,
Yes I did, he said with might
And swinging arms, the girls and boys
Wound lines round that night.

And hast thou lost that magic key
Go gyre into that tower,
The key appeared he picked it up,
A venue of love that hour.

And down that street, that SUUSI street,
By S and, too, by 7
Now near it is, now far it is,
The cow appeared from heaven.

Twas SUUSI, and the slinky dancers,
did gyre and gimble in the Muse.
All sparky were the fire doves
And the final SUUSI NUUS.

Huhhh? What's all this about? A rabbit holding a watch came out of a nearby burrow and said, "You're supposed to hunt down and find La Bamba." "Oh, La Bamba", he said, "But that animal went extinct ten years ago." The rabbit said, "No, he still exists. Find him. You start by following that nature trail." and he saw a trail lead into the woods. And so he picked up the Wocky paper and went into the woods. He really did want to find La Bamba because he loved all that dancing, and he wondered what fire doves were, and whether the SUUSI NUUS is of any help. To find out what happened to him next, go to Ingathering.