SUUSI 2004

The Year of the Green Flower


A green rose



& Polyhedra
"The God that I am talking about is not the God that you don't believe in." - anonymous at SUUSI

This year's SUUSI had the theme of "Reunions". It was not exactly the year for reunions, since many people that I had seen over the years at SUUSI weren't there, and I met several new people. I attended a songwriting workshop by johnsmith, a singer from Wisconsin. There I composed two songs, "Sea of Lies" and "The Green Flower", which to me gives this SUUSI its name: The Green Flower SUUSI. It was the most spiritual of all the SUUSIs I have attended, with a dancing service on Friday night, and an unexpectedly good workshop called "Spiritual Growth", on the theories of Ken Wilber. It came just as a retirement buyout offer came at work, so I had that to decide on while I was at SUUSI. This accentuated the SUUSI for me, making me treasure every moment from a trip to the Cascades pool, a failed costume contest, my own three workshops, and the performances by SUUSI artists at Cabaret, which this year included a second-order linear differential equation. Owens Dining Hall was a madhouse, but I met several people there. It was one of my best SUUSIs, but I feel it's going to be outdone by next year's. SUUSI 2005's theme is "Time to FLY".

Jim Blowers