SUUSI 2007: The Thunder SUUSI



(with video)


Dinner and
other thunder

(with video)



Teens Way
off Broadway


SUUSI 2007 was the Thunder SUUSI. Several thunderous events occurred, including workshops that worked unusually well, a change of location for next year, and my visit to a living alternative. Further, on 2007 April 16, a student killed himself and 32 others in a senseless rampage on campus. This affected our Ingathering March, which was punctuated by a loud clap of thunder just as we circled around the memorial.

A lot of things were different this year, both of my choosing and SUUSI's. I gave my workshops in the morning, so I did not get to go to as many theme talks. My four afternoon workshops that I attended were really one long workshop masquerading as four. There weren't as many concert hours, and contra dancing conflicted with evening worship, so that the dancing was my worship this year. Dinner was at 6:30 pm this year, later than usual because of a large crowd of orientation students. It was a mix-em-up SUUSI. I was able to take an afternoon workshop, had more rest time than usual, and gave four successful workshops of my own. I did miss the nature hikes to cold pools of water, the theme talks, and concert hour, but an exceptionally good Teens Way Off Broadway made up for it. Next year the entire environment will be different - we will be at Radford University, so that will be interesting.